How often do you feel short of energy?

Do you feel you put out enough attention to yourself and the things you think are important to you?

Do you want to have maximal energy and still do what pleases you?

Three questions that might make us feel frustrated or powerless. Not so uncommon in this hectic world. The proportional division of time and attention of all daily obligations can be a tough cookie.

Every day we are surrounded by stimulants that can be both inspiring or inconvenient, while others just attract our attention. But how to distinguish them and define which ones may or may not influence you?

By learning how to get control over your energy fields!

This video series teaches you to become aware of your energy fields, how they have become deformed and how you can cleanse and charge them.

With an energy field that is fully charged, you will have enough energy to accomplish whatever it is you set your mind to. Charging your fields requires only 5 minutes per day.

Our human body and all around us consists of molecules. Little particles that are formed of atoms which consist of energy and information.

So, conclusively you can say that all molecules, in fact anything that is perceptible consists of energy and information. The Master Your Energy self study program teaches you to manage your energy in order to deal with the irritable stimulants of this world. Even stimulants of transmission towers, TV, mobiles, exhaust gasses, etc. don’t bother you anymore.

The program consists of 26 short video. They comprise clarifying illustrations and animations.
You are in control when you watch the videos. You can watch them during travel time, during lunch breaks or while you are having your self-care moment in the weekend.

Your investment of €99 gives you 3 months of 24/7 access to all videos.
If you want to continue watching them after 3 months, you can for €50 .

What does this self-study program hold in store for you?

  • You learn to control your own energies
  • You learn to raise your energy levels in such a way that you feel more active constantly
  • You learn to have enough energy for hobby’s, passions, friends and beloved ones at the end of the day
  • You take back the stage-management of your life
  • People that surround you appreciate your energy, and like to be with you
  • Children resonate with your energy field and become more at ease
  • You feel more self-confident

The Master Your Energy video series consist of 4 modules or spheres:

White Sphere: this is a short introduction to the program, and you will get acquainted with Johanna Kleipool. These two short videos can be watched for free.

Red Sphere: you will learn to work with your Electo Magenetic (EM) Fields. This will bring balance in many levels.

Blue Sphere: you will learn how to create two ‘fuel tanks’ in and around you that will provide you with a constant flow of life energy.

Yellow Sphere: you will learn how to make your energy fields spin around you. By spinning your energy fields spin at a high speed, your Merkaba is formed.
Underneath this text is a short video that explains what is Merkaba.

With the video series Master Your Energy, you only need 5 minutes a day to keep yourself fully energized, and have clean and structured energy fields.

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