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Is your life going slightly different than you had dreamed?

Do you want more energy and do what makes you happy?

How nice would it be:
* if your high sensitivity no longer limits you;
* if you can be of service without losing energy;
* if you have enough energy and time to work on your passion;
* if you can be relaxed and optimistic in life!

If you know that you consist of more than 99% of energy and information,
and that your physical, temporary body occupies only a fraction of 1%,
you probably understand how important it is to work with your energy fields.
Your physical body will resonate as a consequence.

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Chapter 1 Red – your energy fields

How you can make your energy fields in order.
The first video can be viewed for free during a day at Option 1 (see below), so that you get an impression of this important work.

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Chapter 2 Blue – how to energize yourself

How you can increase your energy level, and you can sit much better in your skin and energetic skin.
The first video can be viewed for free during a day at Option 1 (see below).

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Chapter 3 Yellow – how to activate your Merkaba (light vehicle)

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This visual video project is being created by myself, Johanna Kleipool, and realized with the help of the Motion Designer -Demian Geerlings-.
I have been working as a Merkaba teacher since 1995.
This entire video series is based on the knowledge about the Merkaba from Drunvalo Melchizedek that you can find in chapter 13, volume 2 of his books:
The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life