Learn with this Practical Visual Manual MERKABA

to work in a simple and fast way with your own energy fields

and take responsibility for your life energy, so that you are optimally energized and wonderful in your skin and energy field.

Please, read and/or listen carefully to the following, folded text before you look, listen, understand, practice and apply this self-study project on the care and manegement of your own life energy.

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Impression project: Master Your Energy (2 versions)

These impressions are the beginning of a series of videos from 2-15 minutes with UNIQUE ANIMATIONS.
You can learn to work with your own energy fields so that you can more and more radiate and move yourself anywhere without losing energy.


General Introduction and explanation chapters

Blue background in video = main track, orange background = side track

Chapter overview

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Chapter 0 (White sphere): General information about the project
Chapter 1 (Red shpere): Electro Magnetic (EM) fields
Chapter 2 (Blue sphere): Breathing Prana
Chapter 3 (Yellow sphere): How to activate your Merkaba
Chapter 4 (Purple sphere): Sacred Geometry
Chapter 5 (Green sphere): Pineal Gland
Chapter 6 (Orange sphere): A different view at life, based on quantum theory
Chapter 7: Etcetera


Chapter 1 Electro Magnetic Fields (EM-fields)

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Chapter 2 Prana breathing

Almost finalized! Please, help us to be able to continue the project.

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Chapter 3 Merkaba activation

Preparations have already started.

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