Johanna Kleipool/MerkabaLight


MER         means fields spinning against each other
KA            means spirit
BA            means body
Only when your ElectroMagnetic (EM) fields are OK, you can make them spin, which is covered in the chapter of the Yellow Sphere.

I called my enterprise MerkabaLight, because your energy fields spinning at a high frequency, radiate a lot of light.

With this enterprise I can fulfill my passion, as described below, in the form of workshops, self-study project Master Your Energy (Merkaba), and by giving Insight session, lectures and mini-workshops.

I have been working as a Merkaba teacher since 1995 and have helped thousands of people in the Netherlands, and abroad, to learn how to activate their Merkaba (light vehicle).


I used to work in the Haute Couture where only unique pieces are being made.
In the same way I give my workshops: unique, tailor-made and based on the needs of the participants, so that every workshop has its own character, while all workshops always have the common thread: the Merkaba.
After the workshop, you recover your spontaneity, authenticity and you are no longer so much vulnerable to external influences.

My workshops are inspired by the work of Drunvalo Melchizedek, Ken Page, Nancy Nester and Alejandra Casado, without forgetting to mention my own Source.

Because ….
– Drunvalo Melchizedek regarded me as one of his best Merkaba teachers;
– I have experience ever since 1995;
– I have the capacity to explain complex matters in a simple way to everyone;
– I make my workshops very varied;
– you get more energy from this ‘work’ than it costs you;
– you will come out from the workshop completely different than when you went in;
– I quickly recognize obstacles in your life, and can give you tools to help you to solve them;
– you will be guided very well.

More about Johanna

I was born in the last days of World War II as the oldest of seven children. I feel like a cosmic traveler and communicator and have lived extensively in Indonesia, Asia, Israel, South America, England and Taiwan, and I have always been searching for the origin and essence of me/my life. Therefore, I have immersed myself in many cultures, philosophies and religions and have been trained in various energy systems.
In the work of Drunvalo Melchizedek I found the integration of all loose ends.
In 1995, Drunvalo trained me personally as a teacher in Arizona, USA, and since then I have taught his ideas (Flower of Life, MerKaBa, Sacred Geometry, Living in the Heart and Awakening The Illuminated Heart) full-time. Ever since 1995 I yearly have been retrained by Drunvalo for 18 years, and I have always incorporated his latest teachings in my workshops.
In the meantime I have incorporated the essence of all these teachings in my own workshop: Merkaba & Solid Pillars workshop which lasts for three full days.
Under the Workshop button you can read more about the content of this workshop.
Inspired by Ken Page, I use many insights I learned from him in my workshops and Insight sessions.

Before you can go from your head to your heart; before you can really live as from your heart and will be able to activate your Merkaba as from your heart, it is essential to do a thorough healing work, because most hearts have suffered a lot of pain, disappointments, loneliness, separation, etc.
To be able to go from drama to humor many old issues have to be healed. It is essential that the participants of the workshop are whole and complete and have let go most of their fears. Therefore, I am giving this special healing session during the workshop. It is a private healing session which we also can do being inside a group. Being in a group, enhances the effect of the healing session.
Of course, you also may request a private Insights and Healing session.

I like to write stories. A few years ago I published the first children’s story on YouTube: The story of Hare   Enjoy it!
Many will follow, but first I want to complete the video project.


I hope to see you in one of my workshops!