Welcome to chapter 2 of the Blue sphere – Prana

Important: first view the videos of the White and Red chapter. The whole structure of this project has a logical and practical structure.
It would be a shame if you do not understand something properly. The videos are all less than a quarter of an hour, very concentrated.
Watch the videos a few times, because every time you will see and understand something more.

Prana is vital energy. This is also called Chi or Tachion. In a clear way, you will be explained step by step how you can work with prana and provide concentrated prana (vital energy) optimally. You can create an internal and external pranabol.
On the Home page you can register for Option 1 to see the first video of the Red and Blue Chapter for a day for free. Click on the Merkaba logo to go to the Home page.

Then I explain the hand positions or Mudra’s.
Next, I guide you through the practical exercises to bring your prana streams to life and to form your own internal and external pranabollen, or ‘fuel tanks’.

Very important: you will learn what you can do with your internal golden prana sphere so that you can raise the frequencies of your own physical body, what results in a better functioning of all your cells, and make that the organs work better.

Chapter 3 of the Yellow sphere – Merkaba

Once your EM fields are in order, cleaned and are optimally energized with prana, we will continue with the Yellow chapter in which you will learn to have your EM fields spin.
So fast that you can activate Merkaba -which looks like a flying saucer- in the traditional way.

Once we have finished the new web pages (in Dutch, Spanish and English) we will continue with the videos of the Yellow chapter.
We all need patience and your support to complete the project.

With your application you contribute to the further development of this project.

Cordial greetings,