White Sphere – General

The White Sphere is about the structure of the information in the colored spheres.
This video series is about the following colors:

  • White Sphere: General information about the project
  • Red Sphere: Electro-magnetic (EM) fields
  • Blue Sphere: Prana breathing
  • Yellow Sphere: Activate your Merkaba

In the following videos of the White Sphere I explain the entire project to you.

White Shpere 1 – General Introduction
White Sphere 2 – Introduction: chapters and structure

Red Sphere – you learn to work with your own Electro-Magnetic (EM) fields. See the information in the Red chapter. Video 1 from RED can be ordered for free in the Webshop. This gives you an impression of Master Your Energy.

Blue Sphere – you learn how your Electro-Magnetic (EM) fields can provide energy, and then you have such a high frequency that low energies do not disturb you. If you are highly sensitive, you will no longer be bothered by your environment.

Yellow Sphere – teach you how to make your Electro-Magnetic fields spin and activate you Merkaba*. Then your EM fields have reached such a high frequency that low energies do not disturb you, and then you can work quietly in places with very heavy energies, such as hospitals, retirement homes, social institutions.

*Merkaba is your energy fields, totally in order, cleaned up, maximally energized and spinning so fast that their shape changes from a star tetrahedron to a torus field (that looks like an apple) and then to a shape that looks like a flying saucer, which is called: Merkaba.

  • There is an explanation about other colours in this page.

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