Welcome to the White chapter!

This chapter is a short Introduction to the video project: Master your Energy.
If you know that we consist for more than 99% of energy and information, and that we have a temporary physical body for just a fraction of 1%, then you understand why it is so important that we all learn to restore and maintain our own energy fields in order and clean all the time.






You can do this independently with these short and clear videos, and in case you desire a personal support, you can go to:

The information I present to you in an audio-visual way based on the knowledge about the Merkaba* by Drunvalo Melchizedek, which you can find in chapter 13 of part 2 of his books: The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life. You can use volume 2 for understanding the videos.
*Merkaba is your energy fields, totally in order, cleaned up, maximized energized and turning so fast that their shape changes from a star tetrahedron to a torus field (that looks like an apple) and then to this one that looks like a flying saucer, that Merkaba is called.

This image of 7 colored spheres explains the chapters.
The highlighted color of a ball in the lower left corner of each video shows you which chapter you are in.
The background color of each video shows whether you are on the main track (blue background) or on a sidetrack (orange background).
The three videos of the white chapter last totally 7 minutes.   

Enjoy it!

Chapter format:

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  • Chapter 0 (White sphere): general information about the project;
  • Chapter 1 (Red sphere): Electro-Magnetic fields (EM);
  • Chapter 2 (Blue sphere): Prana breathing;
  • Chapter 3 (Yellow sphere): activate your Merkaba;
  • Chapter 4 (Violet sphere): sacred geometry;
  • Chapter 5 (Green sphere): pineal gland;
  • Chapter 6 (Orange sphere): a different view of life, based on quantum theory;
  • Chapter 7: and so on.

In the first chapter – the Red Sphere
you will learn to work with your Electro-Magnetic fields.
See the information of the Red Chapter.


In the second chapter -the Blue Sphere- you will learn how to energize your electro-magnetic fields, and have such a high frequency around you that low energies do not bother you. If you are a high sensitive person, your environment does not bother you. If you work in a hospital, a nursing home, in a place with low energy, you can work quietly without losing energy, without suffering of all these low frequencies. For more information, see the Blue chapter.

In the third chapter -the Yellow Sphere- you will learn how to let your electro-magnetic fields spin, and activate your Merkaba*.
You will learn how to activate your Merkaba in two ways: the traditional way, as explained in The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, volume 2, chapter 13, as well as from your heart. In order to be able to activate the Merkaba from your heart, a whole extra series of works have to be done. If you want to support the project, you can pay a donation.
Please be patient because first I will produce the videos for the traditional way of activating your Merkaba.

Drunvalo Melchizedek published a lot of very important and interesting information in his books: The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life.
Unfortunately, most people can not learn the process of activating their Merkaba from the book mentioned.
This is why I have re-explained everything with animations that I have developed by myself and realized them with the help of a Motion Designer.
Especially chapter 13 of volume 2 of this book that deals with our Electro-Magnetic (EM) fields, and how to create / activate your Merkaba (your light vehicle).

I, Johanna Kleipool, was trained by Drunvalo Melchizedek himself in Arizona in 1995 and I have shared these teachings since then in full time in workshops.
After so many years of teaching, I can say that I have a lot of experience.
It was always my dream that one day everyone could learn working with their own energy fields at home.

I started this project on June 12, 2017 and throughout the year I practically sit every minute that we work on the project (hundreds and hundreds of hours) next to Demian Geerlings, the Motion designer.
Thank you very much, Demian, for your dedication, your artistic skills and your patience! Only by working together, we are able to create this unique video project.

Enjoy the work, and feel free to give me feedback.

And, in case you did not see yet my very short video: What is Merkaba? you can watch here: