For many Living from the Heart sounds a bit simpler than that it goes in reality.
Almost everyone’s heart has (enormously) suffered from the loss of loved ones, disappointments, loneliness, dangers, fears, and so on.
That is why in the first part of the workshop you will do a healing of your heart * (see detailed description below).
Johanna Kleipool accompanies you. You can read more about her under the chapter: Merkabalight.

Johanna presents a different view of life, based on the quantum theory.
Next, you gain insight into your own themes and situations, and that makes that you fully appreciate and understand how special and rare your ‘package of problems’ is.
Your ‘package’ has an absolutely great value. This will result in peace with your situation and you understand why your heart was so much damaged.
You learn how to finish your themes with which you ever started, and then: forgiveness, peace and acceptance will arise.
In this way you help to heal and soften your own heart.
An indispensable, next step is to open your Third Eye; your pineal gland. There is a lot of work we will do in the chapter of the Pineal Gland (the Green sphere).

Once we have done that, you learn to go from your head to your heart; to enter your heart; to access both the Sacred Place of your heart and in the Tiniest Sacred Space of your heart: the place where you are connected to the whole creation.
Finally you learn to reconnect your heart with your head again, after which your head never has the same role as before, because your heart takes over the lead from your head. Since your heart lives in oneness and your head in duality, you can understand that you as from that moment can’t create anything destructive and/or harmful anymore. And that makes a huge difference!
This part of the workshop you will do mainly blindfolded because your Third Eye opens and functions in absolute darkness. The same is valid for your heart.


You get these insights in a simple and interactive way.
I ask a lot of questions and you write down your own answers.
Everyone works privately but by being in a group, the insights come easier.
Furthermore, we will help to eliminate unwanted energies that are not at all from you, in a safe way.
How often are you tired, or do you feel that you are taking one step forward and then two steps back?
Are you highly sensitive?
Are you close to a burnout?
Do you (sometimes) do too much for others?
Do you receive negative energies from the outside?
Do you always have recurring unpleasant and/or difficult situations and themes in your life?
Then this session is wonderful for you! You do not need to repeat it.
You do not have to share anything with others!
The themes in your life are treated mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, because otherwise they come back somehow.
We started with those themes ourselves and can also end them ourselves.
During this ‘Cleanup Session’ you will learn how to finish/end/stop difficult themes in your life.
Energies that are not yours are lovingly brought to Source, and parts of you that you have lost, will be returned to you at the end of the session, in the here-and-now, in love and balance, in joy and freedom!
Then you are completely clean and whole again.

The healing is once in a time and the effect lasts for months.

If you wish to organize a group session, or if you want a private session: