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Chapter 1 Red and 2 Blue 33 days


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Combination of Chapters 1 Red and 2 Blue for 33 days

Chapter 1 Red: 8 Videos about Electro-Magnetic (EM) fields

68 minutes of compressed teaching material with very clear visual material.
You get 33 days access to these tutorial videos.
You learn to have your own EM fields in order and how to clean them up.
In videos of 2 – 15 minutes you get a lot of graphical and animated explanation about the basic information about Electro-Magnetic (EM) fields.
We consist for more than 99% of energy and information, and for only a fraction of 1% of a temporary physical body. So, it makes sense that we work with our own energy fields. If your EM-fields are in order, the physical body will resonate with them. You can learn how to have these EM-fields in order, how to clean them and in the next chapter, the Blue chapter, you can learn how to provide yourself optimally of prana-energy (vital energy).
All this you can learn by yourself, at home or anywhere in a simple audio and visual way. If you need more literature, you can consult volume 2, chapter 13 of: The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, written by Drunvalo Melchizedek.
Everybody can learn to work with his/her own energy fields. You don’t need any specific schooling for doing this. I have worked with analfabetes and professors and everybody understood it.
You will certainly feel better in your own skin and energetic field.
In the time of Egypt, this information was taught in two schools of 12 years each: The School of the Right Eye of Horus and the Left Eye of Horus. Now you can learn all this at home.

View the first video of chapter Red here:

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Chapter 2 Blue (Prana)

In 5 videos of 2 – 15 minutes you get a lot of graphic and animated explanation about the basic information about PRANA.
You can learn that yourself in a simple, visual way.
Prana is vital energy. This is also called Chi or Tachion. In a clear way, you will be explained step by step how you can work with prana and optimally provide yourself with concentrated prana (life energy). You can create an internal and an external pranabol.

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Next, I explain the hand positions or Mudra’s, followed by practical exercises to start your prana flows and create your own internal and external prana spheres, which I sometimes call: ‘fuel tanks’. The internal and external prana spheres will help you to raise your frequencies.
I also teach you what you can do with your internal, golden, prana sphere.

Important: watch the videos first: White 1-2-3, Red 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8

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See the first video of the Blue chapter below:

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