Ever since June 12th, 2017, the MerkabaLight Team has been developing this special, visual Merkaba project.
With a lot of gratitude we receive your financial support so that we can continue developing the video series “Master Your Energy”.
Up till now we could finish:
– chapter 0 (White sphere: Introduction)
– chapter 1 (Red sphere: Electro-Magnetic fields) and
– chapter 2 (Blue sphere: Prana breathing).
All chapters exist in three languages: English, Dutch and Spanish.
The videos are to be found under the heading “MerkabaLight’.
Your financial support will be used for creating:
– chapter 3 (Yellow sphere: Merkaba).
The very short video: ‘What is Merkaba?’ shows the essence of this work.
In name of the MerkabaLight Team -and all the future viewers around the whole world- I wish to thank you,

P.S. You may also transfer your donation directly to:
Please mention “donation”.