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I want to say so many things to you upon my first viewing of this video and my first time knowing of you here in this space and time…First, my utmost and deepest heartfelt gratitude and thankfulness to the Light that you are! I took the Merkaba Workshop in 2005. I presently live in Virginia. I would not have the understandings that I have about the Merkaba, but as a being of Universal Love, first, a sensitive, in the shamanic sense, as well as, an empathic intuit and clairecognizant with many more gifts on the rise, there is absolutely a difference in measure of egoic structures and motivations within the teachings and presentation I am discerning of. It is your heart’s energy field that I see that has my soul in ecstacy and the feeling of bathing in Divine beauty. My path is no less than that of the Initiate of The Flame of most ancient of times, filled with ups and downs, highs and lows of every extreme that human experience can offer in this “classroom”. It is now that I am back in alignment, once more, seeking these teachings that I had let go to the wayside for the past 14+ years. And finding your youtube videos has just become a part of the joy of my path gifted from The One, The Source.  With all these words I really just wanted to say, simply but profoundly…thank you…I bow to the Light that you are! David