Poem for Johanna

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for Johanna:
Distant memories in the back of my mind,
Waiting to come forward in the right space and time.
Waiting to be healed under my Ultimate command,
Waiting for me to BE is what my soul demands.
My heart’s a sacred space where I can finally be
The One and only, the only Real true me.
In this final dimension where space and time does not exist,
There is a temptation I cannot resist:
To finally accept my true identity
And become a multi-dimensionality!

So here I stand, proud of my personality,
Proud of who I really want to be.
Grateful for everything that has come my way,
Thankful for all the human angels that have enlightened my pathway.
Good or bad is only a matter of perspective,
The truth of the matter is: it is my directive.

Becoming aware of the choices I have made,
Taking responsibility for the path that I have laid,
I now REMEMBER to love ME.
I now remember my own divinity.
I now remember I am a child of the Universe,
I now remember we are all children of Mother Earth.

I now surrender to my Higher Self,
And take down my dreams from the top shelf,
And manifest them in this world of my own,
And then I truly know that I have grown.
I watch the seeds grow that I have sown
Many lives ago, when I should have known:
This world is my own creation –
Such a marvellous and sensual sensation!