Sincerety with myself

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The journey of my heart transformed in one in which sincerity with myself took over the control. Without this sincerity, I could not keep my heart open in the relationship with myself and with others, no matter how difficult it would seem in any moment. And it is this sincerity with myself that guided me to the discovery of that quality of love that doesn’t have it’s nest in my thoughts, my dreams, my ideas, my words or my actions.
For me, the sincerity with myself has became one of the fundamental instruments of inner change. Because the inner change requires a constant awareness of your inner being, inner processes, a permanent presence. This is how I got to understand myself, to know myself, to contemplate and remember each day who I REALLY AM ! This is one of the things that I gave to myself and that I am joyfully.  I just realized how wonderful it is to BE the alchemist of your own life !
I have very strong feeling we are connected. It was not coincidence we have met. Thank you, Johanna, for all you have done for us – for all the lectures, meditations, journeys, sharing, warmth, fun and joy from heart to heart. You are a wonderful person. I have really enjoyed it a lot.