Merkaba & Solid Pillars Workshop

From Drama to Humor; the shortest way home
Let’s enjoy not to be perfect!

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have an open line as from this virtual world to our Original Self?!

With a big smile on my face and a load of cosmic humor inside of myself, I like to introduce to you my new workshop.
In this workshop you will receive what you need to connect with your Original and Indivisible Self.

Pillars of the workshop:

  • Healing For Wholeness
  • Exercises to experience that you are more than your body
  • Learn to correct, clean and energize your Electro-Magnetic (EM)-fields
  • Sacred Geometry in order to understand the oneness of creation
  • Several methods to enhance your telepatic powers
  • Learn how to go from your head to your heart, enter the Sacred Space of your heart, and then to reconnect your heart with your head, after which the head will ‘obey’ your heart
  • Increase your own frequencies so that lower energies don’t bother you
  • A simple way in order to feel and experience oneness
  • Learn to create from your heart (oneness) instead of your head (duality)
  • Techniques to transform past experiences (drama’s) into fuel (joy of life and lightness) to go back to your Original and Indivisible Self
  • Activation of your light vehicle (Merkaba)

Read further if you wish to know more.

Are we not all trying to be perfect?!
Recently I discovered that it is impossible to be perfect because we all are living outside Oneness.
Yes, there is also a oneness-world but we all –without exception- have chosen to create a duality world in order to experience ambiguity: good-bad, light-dark, and so on.
As soon as we go out of our oneness field to experience what it is NOT to be perfect, we encounter ourselves in a distorsion field; in a virtual world.
In this ‘world’ we experience time as linear, where past, present and future are separated.

With the passing of time our past has become heavy and painful by all our personal and collective dramas.
The pain and charge can be neutralized using a specific technique which I present you during the workshop. In this way all experiences in your life become precious and dear, without any heavy and/or painful burdens.
At the beginning of our duality adventure, we all have stepped out of oneness; each of us with our own ‘fun package’ of questions and answers to our own questions which all have to do with the imperfection.
By now we, humans, have experienced almost all the possible duality scenarios, and have come to a point to go back to our oneness and our Original and Indivisible Self.

With the technique that teaches you to live as from your own zero-point, you can make contact with your own future where you can access your own answers to your own questions. Because, after all: past, present and future are one. In this way you will be able to shed the frequency of the future over the frequency of the past, so that the burden of your past will be transformed in fuel for your future.

I love to help you make this turnaround.

The return home we can do with a lot of humor, because at the end it is incredibly fascinating to watch ourselves.
If you really wish to go back to your Original and Indivisible Self -step by step- it requires your own conscious decision to embark upon this ‘path of the heart’.

For the beginning of this voyage home, I can offer you sufficient help with the initial steps and soon –after not such a long time- you will be able to take charge of yourself and you will become again the authentic and radiant light being in this virtual world.
In this way we help each other to go home laughing from the bottom of our soul.

I offer you a 3-day workshop of 8 hours each day, during which I will give you very useful tools which you can use and apply with the regularity you chose for yourself.
This work goes far beyond all the division of races and religions.

If you wish to organize such an event or require more information, please, contact me below.